Join us for SMOY FEST 2021 !    

Save the Dates!   July 24th - 26th

Welcome to the ONLY place to get all the information you need for the 2021 St. Margaret of York Church Festival! We will be updating this website with information for volunteers, schedules, updated entertainment information, and any other announcements!

This year the fun begins on Friday, July 24th at 6:00pm and last until 10:00pm Sunday, July 26th. Come on down and enjoy an evening of great food, drinks, gambling, awesome rides, and rockin entertainment! Fun for the entire family.

Please remember, SMOYFest couldn't happen without the support of our Sponsors and MANY dedicated volunteers! If you are a SMOY parishioner, please consider volunteering your time and talents by signing up to work a booth shift or two. We promise it will be a very fun and rewarding experience!

Parishioners, please join us for the Kick-Off Weekend on May 16th & 17th to answer any questions you have about the festival and learn about the many ways you can help make this year's festival a success.

SMOYfest Booth Chairs Needed! Booth Chairs not only recruit workers for their booth but manage the volunteers based on needs and availability of a particular booth. The festival committee provides the chair and volunteers with everything needed to run the booth! So, gather your friends and family to help support this annual fun fundraiser!

Tickets for kids games this year: We will use tickets during kids games this year, this will allow younger children to volunteer to work in those areas.

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